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The Graham Mill Launches a New Websites and Partners With Take Charge Media

The Graham Mill has partnered with Take Charge Media, and is launching a new website with their help to assist customers better. What does it mean for you?. Here’s what you need to know!

Who is Take Charge Media?

Take Charge Media serves the Triad area of North Carolina by providing local businesses with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Their services help business websites reach the front page of Google’s search results. Many small businesses struggle with attracting the right traffic to their websites, which is why Take Charge Media helps them find their potential customer base. By understanding the mindset of those in the Triad area, Take Charge Media helps to attract more customers.

Besides SEO services, Take Charge Media also provides website overhaul services. If a business wishes to create a new website, Take Charge Media can boost its online presence by adding faster load times and mobile support and helping them bring its branding to life.

What is The Graham Mill?

The Graham Mill is a wedding and event venue located in downtown Graham, North Carolina. Their venue started as an old mill, meaning it is the perfect blend of rustic and modern necessities. Their many satisfied customers, praise them for their ease of booking, competitive rates, and the venue’s beauty.

While the Graham Mill is a popular place to have events, some found it difficult to find their website through Google’s search results. Their solution was to find an SEO firm that could not only boost their presence but who has a familiarity with Graham. After some searching and an inquiry, they decided to try Take Charge Media. Their partnership with Take Charge Media helped to create a new website and boost their SEO presence online.

The New Website

Take Charge Media listened to the story of the Graham Mill, taking notes on what content the venue wanted to see in their website and asking them what visuals would represent their website the best. Once they got all the information, they tooled the SEO to appeal to those in that area.

The Graham Mill is now the top result if someone in that area is looking to host an event or wedding. When they enter the website, they are greeted with a sleek design that tells them what they need to know about the venue. The Graham Mill is satisfied and wishes to partner with them for future projects, since SEO is always evolving based on Google’s algorithms.

How They Can Help You

A good website with solid SEO is essential if you need your business promoted. Take Charge Media has experience in the latest SEO tips and tricks and has a tangible connection to North Carolina. They will work with you endlessly to ensure you get the best out of your website and your business.

For more information, reach out to Take Charge Media. They would be interested in answering any inquiries that you may have.


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