About Us

Harmony Weddings & Events was founded in 2015 out of our passion to plan and coordinate beautiful, seamlessly-run, and personalized weddings. After two years of planning weddings all over the Triangle, we learned that there were a shortage of venues that checked off all the “must haves” for the couples we were serving. We began looking for an opportunity to run a venue and were blessed with the chance to lease an existing building, do some minor renovations and launch it as a wedding venue on January 1, 2018! We named it Forest Hall at Chatham Mills and discovered our love of venues. The website creation, marketing, relationship building and most of all, connecting and serving our clients all became a passion of ours. Our next dream was to purchase a building that we could carefully craft every single element of the space to best serve our couples and guests.

After two years of constant searching, we found our perfect spot! When we saw photos of what has now been named The Graham Mill, we immediately knew it was the one. It was originally built as part of Oneida Mill in 1934 and is the perfect blend of historic and modern. We officially purchased the building in July 2019, completed the zoning and permitting process and began construction in November 2019. It would be our joy to host your wedding or event!

Meet Our Team

Aneesa Glines

Owner and Director of Operations
I was born and raised in Raleigh and have always loved the beauty, diversity and Southern hospitality NC has to offer. I am a UNC Tar Heel and started Harmony Weddings (our wedding planning company) in 2015. I have had the joy of personally planning and/or coordinating over 150 weddings! Since I was little, I would watch every wedding themed TLC show and I wanted to go to every wedding my parents got invited to. The things I love most in life are spending time with family and friends, musical theatre, community service, snuggling babies, blankets, Dr. Pepper and anything with chocolate. My test result on the Myers-Briggs personality test confirms that I am 99% extroverted, which allows me to joyfully interact with vendors and guests for 12 hours straight with a smile on my face. No matter how many weddings I am fortunate to be a part of, I still get giddy when I see the bride in her dress, loudly cheer when the couple has their first kiss, cry at the sweetness of the toasts, and already begin to miss the couple when I line them up for their exit. I feel so blessed to be hosting your special day.

We would love to host your wedding, corporate event, celebration, photo/video shoot, or any other type of event.